Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.
                                                                       ~~ Emily Dickinson

Inspiration comes in many forms: an event, a song, a movie, a book.

Tonight, right before bed, I found myself staring at a landscape painting of poppies that hangs in our bathroom (What's that? You don't have an original watercolor in your bathroom? How gauche.) and BAM! An idea hit me out of nowhere for a scene so tragic and lovely that I had to hurry off and write it down.

Now, I've seen that painting every day for three years, but maybe because of a recent experience or some forgotten dream my imagination regurgitated, out came a perfectly wonderful little start to something. I'm not sure yet if it's full length novel material or just a flash fiction piece but we'll see where it goes.

I collapsed onto my bed a bit later than usual and smiled. Writing is fun. Painful and frustrating a lot of the the time, but tonight, most definitely fun.

So what strange things have inspired your writing?


KarenG said...

Wonderful post! This happened to me recently. After not working on my novel for almost 4 months, I sat in church one day and knew what had to happen for the MC's story to make sense. It was awesome. It came as clear as anything. I worked furiously on it for a week straight, making up for all that lost time, and now it is done. More importantly, for the first time since I started it I LIKE it, because of that one little thing that made it all come together.

Lisa Potts said...

It's such a rush, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by, Karen!

J. L. Jackson said...

It is amazing what inspires us. I wrote a short story yesterday because of what the kids at school did to another sub this week.

Margo Benson said...

What a beautiful picure - food is inspiring me right now!

The Golden Eagle said...

I was inspired by the lights in the city as we drove through at night.

Meredith said...

I love those strange moments of inspiration! I got a story idea yesterday staring at the candy for sale at a movie theater. The idea has nothing to do with candy or the movies, so it was especially odd, but whatever :) Good luck with your new idea!

erica and christy said...

AWESOME!! Good luck.

I get visions sometimes that just never pan out for me past the beginning. But hopefully someday I'll go back to one of the dozen-or-so ideas that didn't go past page 30 and make a bestseller out of it!

Rogue Mutt said...

I get a lot of ideas in the bathroom too, even though I don't have any paintings hanging up.

Emily White said...

Ooh! I just love it when inspiration hits me out of nowhere.

Steph Sinkhorn said...

Lightning-strike inspiration is such a fun and refreshing thing :D

Lisa Potts said...

J.L., I hope the sub survived!

Margo, food always inspires me.

G.E., sounds beautiful.

Meredith, thanks.

Erica, you should definitely revisit those ideas. You never know, ya know?

RM, the shower has always been a good place for ideas.

Emily, from one shy girl to another, I hope you have a wonderful time at the conference and tell us all about it.

Steph, it is indeed.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if there is anything that inspires me other than I love to be alive and wake up ready to write. Its a gift I guess. I live to write, therefor I am. I think.

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