Wednesday Bits And Bobbles

I've declared Wednesdays my days for making sure you are aware of awesome contests going on around the blogosphere and being silly.

We all get spam every day (not that nasty stuff in the can that my mother used to fry and tell me was ham) and some of them are too entertaining not to share. So straight from the junk folder, I picked out three really nice ones this week. I hope you find them as enjoyable as I did.

Did My New Guy Give Me An STD?
OK, I know it's a serious subject, and one of the reasons I haven't gotten back into the dating scene since the divorce was final, but what bit of wisdom could you glean by reading this except that maybe it's time to see your doctor.

How To Help A Hoarder
I had to peek at this one. First sentence, Do you know someone who blames a messy home on being too busy? Well great. I'm a hoarder and so are all of my friends. How about you?

 This one was my favorite, because, as my daughter says, it's so "random". It's from someone that calls himself Burger and is simply titled, poiskovoe-prodvijenie-saytaooostrekoza. To which I say, gesundheit.

And now to the contests...

The Badass Bookie is having a Debutante Ball on her blog for twelve debut authors with books having birthdays in 2011. This is the best part - she's giving away the books! You don't want to miss it and you can enter through December 31st.

The League Of Extraordinary Writers is also having a wonderful contest where they are giving away all five of their books (XVI, Across The Universe, Memento Nora, Possession, The Eleventh Plague) plus swag, but you must enter before the 19th because they're announcing the winner on December 20th.

Until next time...


Joanna St. James said...

have you been taking a walk in my brain? i apologize for the mess in there. i was just thinking of doing a post on Spam! we should have a Spam blogfest, it would be fun, let me know if you are interested.

Lisa Potts said...

Joanna, that sounds like fun!

Quinn said...

Posting spam titles is an awesome idea! Love it! And love the STD one!

Beth said...

Im all for the spam blogfest idea though I'm never for fried spam.

Catherine Stine said...

Funny post! It seems on my junk aol acct. I've started to get ads for male enlargers. And I'm not even a guy!!! How did this happen? And more importantly, how do I get rid of it? At least I was smart enough to forsee this spam blizzard, and set up an acct. for ONLY purchases, thus leaving my gmail squeaky clean! Following you now! If you want, check out my blog-latest post on what to get your writer friends for the holiday!

Lisa Potts said...

Quinn, I'm glad you liked it. I'm considering a semi-regular Spam post.

Beth, I hear ya. Fried spam = yucky

Thanks for the follow, Catherine! Love your blog.

Amie Kaufman said...

Ooh, links, thanks! I'm off to check out the comps... and perhaps the one about mess.

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