Wait...What Month Is It?

Every October* I look forward to pulling out the horror DVDs and working my way through both the classics,

and some more recent favorites before the witching hour on Halloween.

But in recent years, I've also tried to add some horror novels to my fun-stuff-to-do-in-October list. Besides Stephen King, I haven't read too much of the spooky stuff so I'm asking for your help. Are there any books about things that go bump in the night that you'd recommend? I'm looking for stories that forced you to leave the light on long after you finished reading. The stuff nightmares are made of.

The only new one I have so far is The Woman In Black by Susan Hill that will soon be released as a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe (Pssst...if you haven't seen the trailer yet, you should. It has everything a creepy movie should have, freaky moving toys, little girls reciting weird rhymes, and dead people popping up beside you at the window).

Last year I did a popular series of posts about my haunted hometown and I plan on bringing those back from the grave this October. Plus I'll fill you in on some new creepy places I've found this year. And at the end of the month I'll be participating in the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop because who doesn't love to win stuff?

Have a wonderful weekend!

*Yes, I'm aware it's not technically October, but I love it so much I figured close enough!


Rogue Mutt said...

Never read a scary book. I did read "Dracula" but it's not scary.

Danette said...

Try some stories by HP Lovecraft. I personally enjoy more of the Hitchcock type suspense for my scare suspense but I understand that Lovecraft inspired King and many others in the horror genre.

Arlee Bird said...

The scariest thing about Halloween is that it's the end of October with only 2 more months before another year is over. Where does the time go?

Tossing It Out

Old Kitty said...

If you are able to see Woman in Black in the theatres as a play please please please do. It's WONDERFUL. I saw it here in London about a gazillion times and each time I get very very scared! It's so interesting too to see the audience. The first half is the setting up of the climactic second half so it's very very talky. Some of the audience get so bored they don't return and during half time intermission I get to hear some people complain at how boring it all is. But oh the second half!!!! Screams galore!!! Standing ovation at the end - it is that scary!!! And all on stage with minimal scenery and 3 actors. Fantastic!!

Ok, I'll calm down now!!

Horror books... I can only think of short story horror classic writers MR James and HP Lovecraft! I need my coffee!

Take care

The Golden Eagle said...

I haven't read any really "scary" books, so I can't recommend anything.

The Woman In Black sounds like an interesting book--and while I probably won't see the movie, it's good to hear Daniel Radcliffe's doing something other than HP.

Rogue Mutt said...

I bought "Frankenstein" today for $2.50. I thought it appropriate for the season, though I doubt it'll be any scarier than Dracula. It's like they said on The Simpsons, "Maybe people were just easier to scare back then."

Lisa Potts said...

Thanks for the suggestions!

@RM Let me know how you like Frankenstein. That's one classic I've never read.

erica and christy said...

I've heard that movie will be really scary - can't wait

And I need a good scare!! Bring it on in the comments, please!!!!!! Pure scary.

Although I didn't sleep for about a month after I watched the movie 7 back in the 90s (yeah, the one with Brad Pitt). So, um, suspense could work, too!

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