Klingons, The Master of Thornfield Hall and the Great White Bear

Well, the Star Trek exhibit was pretty amazing, except for the fact that they didn't allow ANY PHOTOGRAPHY WHATSOEVER. WTH?

You could get your picture taken in the Captain's chair and on the transporter by the museum staff for "only twenty-one dollars," said the little man dressed like Spock and SO not pulling it off. But after the forty-six bucks we paid to get in, I just couldn't justify the additional expense.

What surprised me the most as we wandered through the weapons display was how closely they resembled the toy guns my kids have at home. We learned that the creators of said weapons only gave them enough detail to look good on television, which meant they looked kinda cheesy in real life.

This weekend I'm planning on getting my English governess on when I go see the latest adaptation of one of my favorite books of all time.

I can hardly contain my excitement! Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes look very encouraging (Yes, I look at reviews. Yes, I've taken a lot of crap about it from all the anti-review moviegoers out there including my kids. Rest assured, reviews are only one small factor I use in deciding whether or not to see a film). I'm taking my stash of Kleenex with me. I always feel very refreshed after a good cry at the theater.

Before I go, I saw this short piece on 60 Minutes last week that fascinated me so I thought I would share...

Anyone seen a good movie lately? Any films you're eagerly awaiting?

Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


Rogue Mutt said...

Yeah I hate that with museums too where you can't take pictures or they make the lighting so it's hard for pictures to turn out. How am I supposed to remember it later?

BTW, make sure to go to my blog tomorrow for your major award.

Lisa Potts said...

Yeah, those fascist museum people.

And I'm intrigued about the award. I'll be there!

Kari Marie said...

Ooh! I saw a trailer for Jane Eyre. This version looks good (although it mentioned something about a new twist). I am interested in the release of Red Riding Hood. Looks interesting.

Lisa Potts said...

It does look good, doesn't it? The acting is supposed to be fantastic. I might take my daughter to see Red Riding Hood. She told me she thinks the two male leads are HAWT. Oh, the tween life.

Christine Tyler said...

I actually have really good experiences with rotten tomatoes. They're usually pretty spot-on...except in some of the super-trendy films.

I just saw Gattaca the other day. I can't believe that one slipped by me. I don't even know what happened, but if you like sci-fi, it's a must-see.

Old Kitty said...

Yay that you got to sit on the Captain's chair and got transported too!! Yay!!!! It was the same when my friend and I went (no pics - only official ones taken by staff) but we had a great time and glad you and your kids did too!!!!

Oooh Jane Eyre - wonderful!!! I saw the nature documentary of the spycam polar bears on BBC2 - it was BRILLIANT!!!

I can't recomment the King's Speech highly enough!!! Take care

Summer Ross said...

that video was uber cute! Thanks for posting!

Zan Marie said...

I saw the baby polar bear on the news and had an "Awwww!" moment. ; )

gideon86 said...

Jane Eyre is one of my favorite classics too along with Wuthering Heights. Enjoy the movie...

The polar bear is TOO CUTE! I want one... I live in Chicago.... he'd be fine in the winter then i can keep him at the zoo... only fifteen minute walk from my house during the summer months...lol

Have a great weekend.


Lisa Potts said...

Christine, yep Rotten Tomatoes has never done me wrong.

Kitty, The King's Speech is one of the movies toward the top of my list!

Summer, you're welcome!

Zan, he is kind of cute.

Michael, Wuthering Heights *swoon*. I would love to see an adaptation of that one. The next time I run across a homeless baby polar bear, I'll send him your way!

Regina said...

I can't wait to see what you think of the movie. I know that if I go to see it I am going by myself because no one wants to go with me. No hubs, no kids... Probably just a box of tissues too.. :)

Sarah Ketley (constance) said...

i remember Dad taking us kids to a Star trek thing, (convention?) the passes in were cardboard flip top communicators. We got badges in the shap of the "comm buttons" and got out picture taken "on the bridge"

the costumes looked silly in real life, much better on screen.

ah well glad you had fun. Can't believe the price of the picture, that is extortion.

Sarah ketley

Carol Riggs said...

That looks like a GREAT adaptation of Jane Eyre. I'm looking forward to that one. The actress seems perfect for plain but appealing Jane. :)

Lynda R Young said...

I saw a Star Trek exhibit once but it didn't have much in it. It was still fun -- probably because we were allowed to take photos. I got one of me standing on the transporter pad...and sitting on the captain's chair.

Lauri said...

I want to go to Jane Eyre too. And if I'm not familiar with the film, I look at reviews too. I hate to waste five tickets on a movie that is just okay. I'd rather rent the okay ones.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I'm a big Star Trek fan, too. I envy you the experience. Sadly, I probably would have folded to the tyranny of the museum and gotten the picture -- and hated myself for it afterwards! LOL.

I'm looking forward to COWBOYS AND ALIENS with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde.

Thanks for visiting and following my blog, Roland

Lisa Potts said...

Regina, I thought it was really good. The performances were fantastic and I'm glad I brought the Kleenex.

Sarah, the convention your dad took you to sounds like fun!

Carol, Mia Wasikowska was brilliant as Jane.

Linda, everything was in glass so I'm not sure why we couldn't take pictures, probably some copyright issue.

Lauri, I absolutely agree with you. Movies are too expensive now, even for a matinee, to waste money on a bad one.

Roland, COWBOYS AND ALIENS looks great from the previews. And thank you for the visit too.

Heather Hellmann said...

I want to see Jane Eyre too!

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