The Vampire That Is Bracketology

March Madness is upon us, and if you thought Twitter was a gigantic time suck, it's nothing compared to the NCAA tournament here in Big10 country.

After filling out forty brackets for various local and national contests like we do in my house each year, it feels kinda like all of your creativity and will for life has been sucked right out of you. My daughter asked me to give her a synonym for great and my frazzled brain drew a complete blank. I told her to Google it.

From past experience, we've learned it can take a few weeks to recover (good thing there are basketball games to watch). But I don't think I could stop if I wanted to. Each of those little bracket lines whispers my name, promising this will be the year I triumph. I will win money, possibly oodles of it, and receive accolades from friends and co-workers because of my uncanny luck skill at picking winners.

Now on to some fantastic news about a fellow Hoosier and blog buddy of mine..

Please join me in congratulating the beautiful Carolina Valdez Miller on snagging agent Vicki Motter. She's having a party to celebrate and you are all invited! Hop on over and join in the fun. There are awesome prizes and fun to be had by all!

So do you obsess over the NCAA brackets? Whose your pick to take it all? I could just tell you who's going to win, since I already know, but what's the fun in that?

Until next time, happy writing.


Kittie Howard said...

Love it! Bracketology is serious stuff!

My hub says he knows who's going to win, too, but won't tell me either!

mshatch said...

my son is all about bracketology! I think he's picked his final four. He and sports channel are best friends.

James Garcia Jr said...

Too funny! I'm from Fresno State territory, but the Bulldogs never go. We do have the lady Bulldogs going dancing, but I think they drew North Carolina. *shudders* I usually don't watch the men until it gets closer to the final four. Enjoy!

Oh, and Go 'Dogs!


Lisa Potts said...

Kittie, you said it. Serious stuff.

mshatch, I've watched so many people on ESPN analyze this year's tournament, my head is now full of useless facts.

James, sorry about your Dogs. I've never been able to fit the women's tourney into my schedule, but I'll keep an eye on your Fresno State ladies.

Rogue Mutt said...

I'd just go with the top seeds. And remember that no one knows anything.

Old Kitty said...

You're the second blogger I've come across bracketing and such like that I don't understand!!LOL!! Oh but it sounds like such fun!!

Yay for fab Ms Valdez Miller!!!

Take care

M Pax said...

Serious, indeed. Will go give Carolina a congrats. :D

Anonymous said...

Roooock Chaaaaaalk



That's all I have to say on that.

Lisa Potts said...

RM, I never pick all top seeds for the Final Four. Past experience has made me wiser.

Kitty, it is a lot of fun and such a rush.

M Pax, yay for Carol!

Tangynt, well, the President agrees with you.

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