Reflections and Rewards

Another Kentucky Derby has come and gone with a new record crowd of 164,858. Congratulations go to the connections of Animal Kingdom, who managed to win even though he had never raced on a dirt track before. Archarcharch was pulled up in the stretch with a fracture to his left front leg, and while his racing days are over, his life was saved through surgery.

There were millions of dollars bet on the Derby, but perhaps one of the most intriguing bets was made by four authors, Brian Farrey, Andrew Smith, Catherine Ryan Hyde and Kimberly Pauley. There was no money involved, but it turned out to be a whole lot of fun to follow the smack talk on Twitter under the hashtag TheBet. The best part is that we will all be privilege to the aftermath. For more information, check out this post by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

I would like to say thank you to Susan Oloier for giving me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. And now, in accordance with the rules,  I will share seven things about myself:

1. I have a secret crush on a guy at work. Shhh.

2. I hate to sweat and will avoid it at all costs. Probably why my weight loss efforts have never been my greatest successes.

3. I am currently reading three books: Possession by Elana Johnson, Wither by Lauren DeStefano and The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I normally do not attempt this but they are all so good! Plus, two are from the library and therefore have due dates.

4. I check my email about one hundred times per day. Seriously.

5. My mom is my best friend.

6. When I'm around someone who is crying I can't help but join them. I wasn't like that before my kids were born.

7. And last, but by no means least, I am a finalist in the wonderful Cherie Reich's Flash Fiction Blogfest. There are only six of us and all of the entries are short by definition so please stop by and vote for your favorite. I've read them all and they are terrific.

Until next time, may your muse be submissive!


Rogue Mutt said...

Guess there won't be a Triple Crown winner this year either. No horse has won it since I was a baby. Why do they even bother anymore?

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Lisa,

Congrats on the award AND on becoming a finalist... I hadn't had a chance to read all the entries since I was on the road and settling back in at home, but now I will and I can't wait to read yours.

Kittie Howard said...

I'm not into horseracing but can't miss the Derby. Imagine the payoff on the odds! And congrats on your FF selection. Good luck!

Angela Scott said...

Kudos to you for the award and on the contest, I'll have to go check that out.

*I check my email just as much as you do.

Danette said...

Congratulations on the award! I'll have to check out the the post and of course there is more horse racing to come but doubtful that there will be a triple crown winner. I also check my email a lot- in fact I just leave mine up all day and at home I easily check it every ten minutes. COMPLETELY Obsessive!!! AS IF I ever get interesting email!!! *rolls eyes* one can always hope (in a desperate and pathetic sort of way) and there are the (occasional) comments on my blog which ARE interesting! Cheers and congrats again! ;)

Madeleine said...

Congrats on award and on being a finalist. Love your revealed secrets, too. :O)

The Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations on the award! And on being a finalist in the flash fiction blogfest. :)

Theresa Milstein said...

Congratulations on your award. I usually read 2 or 3 books at once, so I can relate. Last month, I read Possession too.

Old Kitty said...

Oh I so voted cos I absolutely loved your story - I really really did!! Good luck with it and all the best!! Yay for making the final!! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!

Congratulations with your award! It's so nice that your mum is your best friend -that's just lovely! Take care

Zan Marie said...

Congrats on the reward. You deserve it!

Kari Marie said...

Congratulations on your award and being a finalist!

I cry when other people cry too. I agree with Iona (from Pretty in Pink) who had a strict policy that no one cried alone in her presence.

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