It's Bleeping Hot!

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while should know that I hate to sweat, and barely tolerate it during exercise. If I'm not working out, I avoid it at all costs.

But today, wonderful bloggie friends, I found myself sweating after walking ten feet into my backyard to water my tomatoes.

I haven't seen weather like this since my brother's wedding in New Orleans fifteen years ago when the oppressive heat and humidity turned all of us bridesmaids' hours of hair and makeup to a fuzzy dripping mess simply by walking from the house to the limo.

I realize I am not alone after seeing our local weatherman, let's call him Mr. Obvious, excitedly pointing to the flaming red blob covering half of the United States (you KNOW weathermen take sadistic pleasure when this kind of crap happens because they get more face time).

So for all of us sweltering in this awful stuff, I'm posting some healing pictures. Take a deep breath (unless you're outside, 'cause nobody needs to suck that sh!t into their lungs) and let it out slooooowly. Now enjoy.

Better? Alrighty then.

Be back next week because I'm having a BLOGVERSARY party and you're all invited! There will be reminiscing, cool swag and probably some heavy drinking. We can throw confetti on each other. So put those party hats on and I'll see you Tuesday!


Danette said...

Sorry, I'm enjoying it. I know some people think it's crazy but the pictures of the ice and cold are to me what your melty picture is to you. THE WORST! I can only enjoy the heat and try to pretend the winter is never going to come. I will admit that I do not like it when I have to wear inappropriately warm clothing like bridesmaid dresses in the heat however.

Old Kitty said...

Here in the UK, it's been wet and dull and grey and wet. Yay!! Perfect British Summer (not!!)!! LOL!

Awwww but I love love love Darth Vader and Stormtrooper in the snow - that's brilliant - thank you.

Please take care in the heat - it's too much from what I'm reading in the news!! Oh dear!!

Take care

Miranda Hardy said...

I love the heat, but then again, I was born and raised in Florida. It's the winters I can't stand.

Rogue Mutt said...

Next week we're supposed to get a cold snap...it's going from 92 to 88! Wow, break out the parka! I knew when we got that cold, wet spring that we'd get a hot, dry summer to make up for it. That's just how Mother Nature is. I think she's menopausal or something.

Regina said...

I know what you mean by this stinking heat. Wow. I loved the refreshing pictures though. Nice...and I am looking forward to the blogaversary. I want a cold drink now. Strawberry Magaritas anyone?

Christine Rains said...

Oh, I can't wait for winter. This heat is killing me. I don't even want to think of the possibility of a brown out. Come on, rain! The weather guy said you were coming this weekend.

Ron D. Voigts said...

105 degrees here in the Allegay Mountains where its suppose to be cooler.

alexia said...

I live in Florida, so it's freaking hot here, too! However, though I hate it when it's this hot, I hate it even more when it's cold and humid.

Happy almost blogoversary!

Alexandra Shostak said...

I often call myself a lizard, because I'm happy in very hot weather (and I'm fine with humidity) when other people are generally miserable. The only downside is that I burn easily, so I have to wear spf 70 all the time.

Love that you put a picture of Kate and Leo freezing their butts off as a cold thought! ;)

Maeve Frazier said...

I am definitely not a fan of the heat or the Summer. My favorite time of year is the Fall. Thanks for the "Chilling" pictures.

Amie Kaufman said...

Oh, I'll trade you a little of mine for a little of yours! I'm gazing longingly at your big red blob, from the middle of my winter. Surely we can reach some kind of happy medium!

Alison Miller said...

LOVE the pics. And where did you find that one of Vader?!

Happy early blog-o-versary! I'll be back next week to check it out!

Lola Sharp said...

Dude, you aint kidding...shizz is HOT.
I don't like the super cold or the super hot.
I'd like to live somewhere where it's 75-80, low humidity year round. I'm looking forward to autumn.

That melty girl is kinda freaky. O_0


Madeleine said...

I love your salvador dali take on the weather. You should come to good ol blightly if you want to cool down. You've gotta love the rain to live where I do. It's called the piddle pot of south devon! :O)

Heather said...

I live in Houston and it's pretty much been 100 every day for about 2 months.

Also, is that Darth Vader in the snow? Brilly!

Tina said...

OMG! We must be twins! I also can't stand the heat. Of course I blogged about it. Even invented a name for our malady: H I D E which stands for Heat Induced Depression Exhaustion. I mean c'mon, lack of light has been show to cause depression and got it's own name. SAD: seasonal affective disorder. They even have a cure! More light! No one is trying to save us, though. All I want is a perpetual wind tunnel through which I can pass continuously.
Thanks again for visiting and commenting. Nice to meet you!
Tina @ Life is Good

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