What Have You Got In That Thing?

When I got home from work last night I realized my shoulder was killing me. I didn't have to look far for the cause of the problem. My bulging hulk of a purse (yes, it's black and it's summertime. Unfortunately, fashion is extremely low on my list so I don't even know if I'm committing a faux pas.) It's a wonder the strap hasn't just snapped off from the weight.
I know it's fuzzy, but that reads 9.5 pounds.
I thought this might be a good time to clean it out. Here's the before shot,
I never realized it looked like a face from the side.
And here's the after.

In case you can't see it clearly, it contained:

Jane Eyre My book borrowed from a friend at work whose daughter had to read it for class.
Water For Elephants A library book I just finished.
Tick Tock I checked this out from the library for a friend and she gave it back last week. I just never took it out.
Sony e-reader
Address Book
Cell phone
Digital Recorder
Cottonelle Fresh wipes (5)
Keys (2 sets)
Lip Balm (2)
Lip Gloss (5) What? Have you seen my avatar?
Mints (2)
Hand Lotion
Emory board
Pill case
Pens (3)  Pilfered from work
Make-Up bag  Obviously too small for all that lip stuff
Allergy eye drops
And that large pile of folded papers contain manuscripts (mine and others) in various stages of editing. I prefer to edit from a print version.

I encourage all of you who carry purses to dump them out and take pictures to post online so that we can all see what you have in there.

Last but not least, some exiting news from the uber talented John Green. The title of his new book due out May 1, 2012, has been announced and he has promised to sign all Amazon pre-orders. I've already added mine to the old shopping cart. Click below to get yours.

The Fault in Our Stars

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


Rogue Mutt said...

Jeez, I don't usually carry that much stuff in my messenger bag, which is probably twice as big at least.

But funny you have an e-Book reader and then three paper books. Like reading much?

Christine Rains said...

Wow! No wonder your shoulder was sore. I don't carry a purse, but I stuff anything I need into the diaper bag. Or, if I know I'm going to be doing a lot of moving around, I put all that stuff into a backpack.

Have a great long weekend! :) And welcome to my blog.

erica and christy said...

I had to switch to a smaller purse because I hardly ever clean mine out, either. I downloaded the sample of Water for Elephants to my Kindle, but haven't gotten the book yet (although it's supposed to hit 100 degrees in western WI today, so it might be a good day to stay inside and read!).

Summer Ross said...

My purse is tiny- seriously it holds a pack of cigarettes a small lighter and money. It straps over my shoulder and is as light as I can get.

Old Kitty said...

Awww what a lovely handbag!! And it does look most startled too! Yay!

I say if a handbag cannot contain at least this amount of stuff then it ain't a handbag, it's an abomination! LOL!! OH but seriously!!! I wouldn't dare show anyone what I squeeze into my shoulder bag!! All I care is that it looks good on the outside!

Take care

Ready, Aim, Hook Me said...

Ha,ha,ha... holy crap, your purse looks an awful like mine (books, ereader and hordes of makeup).

I need to clean that out. I do. I have shoulder problems (my left shoulder pops and cracks all the time) and I know it's because of my monster bag.

A ten pound bag is too much. Too much.

Fun post.

alexia said...

Mine gets a little OC sometimes, but not too bad. It is amazing how many things we can collect in there! How do men do it, this whole wallet-only thing?

Liz said...

Maybe it's time to invest in a backpack?

I can't post pictures of me cleaning out my purse. My purse is clean. Yes, really. I clear it out every time I get home.

Danette said...

I hate to tell you, I don't carry much either and the only reason my purse is even as big as it is is because I now have prescription sunglasses and a digital camera I carry everywhere. Otherwise I wouldn't carry much more than a small wallet. Have a happy holiday weekend!

Donna Hole said...

I was thinking "somebody needs a Kindle" when I read you have a Sony e-reader. Had to laugh at that.

I think I only carry a purse to have something to hold my badge in (gets me into the building at work) and to keep my keys out of my pocket.

Keys, badge, checkbook, wallet, tons of stolen pens, pen light; and receipts of every kind. And a comb.

I carry a black purse too, but it doesn't look as smiley as yours :) I replace it with the same type each time because the style has pockets and zippers where I need them.

Hope you're having a good weekend :)


OH: what all went back into the purse?

Trisha said...

WOW. You had a lot in that purse ;) I have a backpack I take to work, but mostly what fills that is little scraps of paper/receipts. hehe

Rachel Brooks said...

9.5 pounds! Yikes! No wonder your shoulder was hurting you. I thought I carried around a lot of stuff, but you've put my purse in perspective ;)

Brenda Drake said...

Hahahaha. I think your purse out does mine by .4 pounds. Really, who needs all that stuff? We do, apparently. I did see a couple of items in yours that I should add to mine. Great idea! :D

Madeleine said...

ROFL I love it!
I have a tiny handbag (purse) because I get bad shoulder ache and I worked in a place where security was poor and have always carried a small handbag ever since. I still manage to cram loads into my bag and shoulder ache and my pockets also bulge! (Not very fashionable)It would make a great idea for a mystery thriller's character what they keep in their pockets/bag. :O)

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Oh my stars! I thought my purse was heavy. You rule as Queen of the Overstuffed Purse. :)

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