Channeling Maria

I love reading and writing but that doesn't really tell you anything about me, so I thought I would list some things that I hold dear.

A few of my favorite things:

Fountain Cokes (I believe Pepsi is Eee-vil)

Chocolate (Dark or light, doesn't matter)

Thunderstorms (bonus points if the lights go out)

Virgin Snow (before anyone or anything steps or pees in it)

Halloween (pumpkins, scary movies, trick-or-treating, CANDY)

Watching children sleep (mine preferably, but anyone's will do)

Dogs of all shapes and sizes - this is Geisha - we belong to her

Naps during football games

'cause when you wake up, there's always
 another game on and you don't get that freaky
"what day is it" feeling.

Waking up exhausted then realizing you still 
have three hours before the alarm goes off.

Caramel lattes

Consumed while sitting in the swing under
the magnolia tree in the back yard.

Of course there are many more, but sheesh, I didn't want to overwhelm you.


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