Reader review - PARANORMALCY

So, I just finished Kiersten White's Paranormalcy and I have that same feeling I get when the credits roll after one of my favorite movies; it's over and it's heartbreaking.

I loved the characters, cried a few tears, laughed out loud and read the whole thing in record time (the kissing parts twice).

This is the story of Evie, an orphan taken in and raised within the confines of the International Paranormal Containment Agency (IPCA). She is both strong and sensitive as she tries to figure out her role in the larger scheme of things while attempting to be "normal".  Lend, a shape-shifter, is caring and oh so yummy, and it's nice to see a guy who's not telling the main character what she can and cannot do in the name of  "love".  I'm crushing on Reth, a faerie of questionable motives. (I've got a thing for bad boys, so sue me).

Even though there are vampires, werewolves, and mermaids involved the story is fresh and exciting and lovely.

I'm not one for spoilers, so I'll simply say you don't want to miss this book. I can't wait for Supernaturally!


Rogue Mutt said...

I've done it with pants and without pants. I blogged about the differences in my mind a few months ago.

Ana said...

I really want to read this book too.

Thanks for taking part in the YAAM party!

Books Glorious Books said...

This book sounds really great. I've wanted to read it for a while!

Emily said...

I've heard so much positive buzz about this book that now I'm both excited (and a little nervous I'll admit) to read it!

Lisa Potts said...

Ana, BGB and Emily, thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

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