I've been on Facebook for quite a while now and have reconnected with a lot of old friends from school, but I hadn't become "Twitterfied" until I submitted a few stories to Twitter ezines that required an account.

Of course I'd heard all the reasons why you should have a Twitter account:

*Market your blog or book

*Create relationships with other people in your niche

*Stay informed about the industry

*Get writing motivation

*Learn to be concise

I was still skeptical thinking, who am I? Why would anyone care what I had to say? And the biggie, do I really need another distraction in my life?

What I've found since opening my account is that it's only a distraction if I let it be and there's room for everyone. I give myself a couple of hours each day for social networking, and I've found that works well for me. I do thirty minutes in the morning and the rest in the evening just to keep up to date.

I've been amazed at how cool Twitter really is. It's so much more "in the present" than Facebook. I started out with zero followers just like every other newbie, but I'm already up to forty (at post time), partially from three of those Twitter stories being published. I get motivated, inspired, and amused on a daily basis.

And today I got a true thrill. Goose bumps, I tell ya. Meg Cabot, the wonderful, witty and oh so gorgeous author of The Princess Diaries and Insatiable and many other brilliant books, is now following me. That's right, little old me. Because that's the way Twitter works most of the time, you follow a fellow writer and they follow you back. It's like a great big internet hug to say thanks for caring about what I love to do.

Now, isn't that what everyone is ultimately looking for?


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