Try This And You'll See [insert deepest desire here] In No Time!

I received another one of these emails today. The ones that promise in only thirty minutes a week you can have toned legs and an ironman tush. Really?

If writing has taught me anything, it's that practice makes perfect (Hey, Mom was right!) and you've got to put in the time if you want to see results.

Recently, I've been doing a lousy job with my time management. I haven't been writing every day. Sure there are lots of excuses I could use; the kids, the job, the dog with a sensitive stomach that just ate a pencil, but they're still just excuses. Some people have no problem writing for hours each day. I happen to know a few (damn them).

My only comfort is knowing there are plenty of writers out there that share my problem. I know this because they talk about it on Twitter and on their blogs and on Facebook, giving me hope that tomorrow really is another day!

Once I get going, I'm fine, great even, because I love to write. Sometimes it's easy and such a rush, but other times it's really hard like knowing you have to do an hour of cardio (yuck).

Maybe my priorities are just screwed up, or maybe I need to decide I'm only going to sleep four hours per night so I can get up at three in the morning and write undisturbed by the inside of my eyelids.

So if you see me wandering down the street in my pink fuzzy slippers with no make-up mumbling to myself, be happy for me because you'll know I've been writing. Feel free to point and stare, but no pictures please.


Rogue Mutt said...

I have just the opposite problem. I've been writing like crazy--literally--for four months now. But then that's all I do.

BTW, Firefox really pisses me off anymore. It's become completely unstable with Blogger so that I have to read blogs on clunky old Internet Explorer. I'd get Chrome and try that if my computer here weren't such a piece of crap that still ran Windows 2000.

Lisa Potts said...

Aw, come on. I know you work too. Just admit you're one of "those" people I cursed in this post. I was thinking of you and Jeanie when I wrote it.

I haven't had a problem with Firefox yet *fingers crossed*, but I have Windows 2000 too. I'm hoping Santa brings me a Mac.

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